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Medical Images and Illustrations

Please note: This page contains links to other pages and sites on the Internet offering biomedical related multimedia material, mostly images (photos, illustrations, etc.). Occasionally, the material may be downloaded and used free of charge. Normally, however, the material is strictly copyrighted, and may be used only after first having obtained explicit permission by the rightful owner.
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  Cardiovascular system   
  A Circulatory system image - AMA (US)
  Cardiovascular Pathology [EC Klatt]
  Some illustrated Cardio Tutorials from CyberHeart, Gateway Community College (US)
  Exterior and Interior Structure of the Heart - Yale-New Haven Hospital
  Echocardiographic Images on the Internet - Robert Wod Johnson Med. School, NJ (US)
  Video presentations of Echocardiographic Procedures - American Soc Echocariography
  A Heart Atlas - Frontiers in Bioscience
  Cardiac Cycle Animation - Anatimation Technologies
  ECG Library [Jenkins and Gerred]
  ECG Image index at AE Lindsay ECG Learning Center, Utah (US)
  Cardiothoracic Imaging [Jaffe and Lynch] - Yale/School of Medicine (US)
  Vascular Anatomy [motion pictures] - The Whole Brain Atlas
  Clinical Images at the American College of Cardiology
  Intraoperative Videos - NYU Med C./Cardiothoracic Surgery
  Heart sounds online - Blaufuss Medical Multimedia (US)
  The Video Gallery , and images at CardioThoracic Surgery Network
  Clinical Radiology Tutorial Image Sets , and Heart and Mediastinum: Radiologic Images [FS Chew] - Wake Forest Univ.
  Coronary Surgery Videos - Science Museum Minnesota (US)
  A few Images of troubled hearts , and watch The Heart at Work [animation] - PBS (US)
  Some Heart Disease related Videos from HealthCentral Network Inc.
  Some Videos and Downloads from CardioThoracic Surgery, Keck School of Medicine, USC (US)
  Atlas of Myocardial Perfusion SPECT - Brigham/Harvard
  Multimedia Webcast presentations from ECHO-in-Context
  The Slide Library at Hypertension Online
  Images in Paediatric Cardiology [journal, illustrated] - (MT)
  Minimally Invasive Pediatric Heart Surgery [images + videos] - WUSTL (US)
  The Surgical Video Library at Heart Surgery Forum
  Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair , a WebCast from St. Francis Hospital, IN (US)
  An animated explanation of various treatments of AVM - Toronto Brain Vascular Malformation Study Group (CA)
  Figures & Captions accompanying the book The Gross Physiology of the Cardiovascular System [RM Anderson]

  Images of Dermatological conditions, alphabetically - Dermis/U of Erlangen/U of Heidelberg (DE)
  Bilder aus Atlas der Hautkrankheiten (1856) [in German] - Dermis/U of Erlangen/U of Heidelberg (DE)
  Clinical Images of the Skin [C Goldberg] - Univ of California/SD (US)
  Dermatlas [Cohen and Lehmann] at Johns Hopkins Univ. (US)
  An Atlas of Common Dermatologic Conditions - WermWeb (CA)
  Images of Skin Conditions - VisualDxHealth
  Atlas de Dermatologie [M Heenen; in French] - University Library, Brussels (BE)
  The Dermatology Photo Library at
  Atlas of Granulomatous Diseases [Y Rosen]
  Nomenclature of Skin Lesions [Williams and Katcher] - Univ of Wisconsin, Dept of Pediatrics (US)
  An Atlas of Clinical Dermatology [Veien and Nielsen] - LEO (DK)
  Atlas de Dermatologie On Line [M Denguezli] - Societe Tunisienne de Dermatologie
  Online Atlas in Dermatology & Rheumatology
  The Moulages museum , a Clinical Atlas , and some color-painted black-and-white photos - BIUM, Paris (FR)
  Histological images of the skin [in Swedish; G Sandberg] - Karolinska Institute (SE)
  Common Skin Conditions with images - Nat'l Skin Centre (SG)
  Skin Diseases [with photos] [A Oakley et al.] - DermNet (NZ)
  Diagnosis at a glance - Emergency Medicine [journal]
  Dermoscopy Atlas/Tutorial [menu to the left --> subpages --> Cases]
  STD Clinical Slides [registration required] - CDC (US)
  What do the Symptoms of STDs Look Like? - The Body (US)
  Collection of STD-related images from The Practitioner's Handbook, Seattle (US)
  Pictures of various skin conditions - MediScan (UK)
  Photos of Various (Plastic Surgery) Procedures - Park Ridge Center (US)
  Dermatology in Cinema [V Reese] - (US)
  Photo Gallery ('before/after') of cutaneous laser treatments - CANDELA

  Organs of the Endocrine System - The Hormone Foundation
  Endocrine-related pictures - McGraw-Hill Comp., Inc, via Kellogg Commun College
  Endocrine Patholology images [EC Klatt] - WebPath
  Endocrine Histology images - Univ of Delaware (US)
  Endocrine Images -
  Some Images in Endocrinology - MedStudents (BR)
  Advanced Imaging of the Diabetic Foot and Its Complications [A Gentili] - UCSD
  Images related to the Endocrine System -
  A collection of Thyroid Surgery Images from the American Thyroid Clinic
  Text and Images of Thyroid Disorders [D Fitz-Patrick] - Honolulu
  Thyroid Status Assessment and Thyroid Gland Examination [video] - Dalhouise Univ.
  Thyroid Imaging .com [G Perrella]

  Feldman's GastroAtlas Online [US Residents only; free registration required]
  El Salvador Atlas of Gastrointestinal VideoEndoscopy [JA Murra-Saca]
  The DAVE project - MGH (US)
  The Atlas of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy , including, for example, Images from the colon and ileum , and the duodenum [Martin and Lyons]
  A collection of Clinical Abdomen Images [C Goldberg] - UCSD (US)
  Gastrointestinal Pathology images - via WebPath
  Abdomen , and Colorectal Topics in the Folios Archive [free to view, subscription to download]
  Image Library and Endoscopy Picture Archive at Gastrolab [H Björknäs] - (FI)
  Atlas of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy [Freytag and Kutscha] - (DE)
  PillCam Capsule Endoscopy Image Atlas - Given Imaging Ltd.
  Video clips , and other multimedia material - GastroHep [free, but registration required]
  An ERCP Atlas , and an EUS Atlas , and some Gastrointestinal Endosonographic Videos from the Digestive Disease Center, MUSC (US)
  Liver and Gallbladder related images - CureZone
  A Collection of Endoscopy Photos and Videos at Three Rivers Endoscopy C. (US)

  Main Components of the Blood [RJ Noonan]
  A Guide to Blood Cell Morphology - CellaVision AB
  An Atlas of Hematology - (JP)
  An Image Atlas from BloodLine/Carden Jennings Publishing
  Lichtman's Hematology Atlas - AccessMedicine, McGraw-Hill
  Sample sections from Atlas of Hematology [Lewandowski and Hellmann] - Gdansk (PL)
  Atlas of Hematology [N Medeiros]
  Cellular Similarity in Hematology [N Medeiros]
  Hämatologi-atlas [A Schneider] - Univ. Essen/Turmorforschung (DE)
  A Demo module [Montandon et al.] from HemoSurf/Univ. of Bern
  The ASH Image Bank - American Society of Hematology
  Hematopathology images - WebPath, Florida State Univ. (US)
  Pictures in Hematology (illustrated case studies) - MedNet HELLAS (GR)

  Ed's Basic Histology Gallery [E Friedlander]
  Some Images at Immunohistochemistry/NIH (US)
  Virtual Slide Box of Histology [Dee and Leaven] - Univ of Iowa (US)
  Virtual Slide Box of Histology [Fine et al.] - Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine (US)
  Histology Image Bank at UCSD (US)
  Blue Histology; Large Images - Univ of Western Australia
  Histology Images - AccessMedicine, McGraw-Hill
  JayDoc HistoWeb [Wolf and Scarbrough] - KUMC (US)
  DeltaBase Histology Atlas
  Microanatomy Web Atlas
  Illustrated (Mammalian) Histology course pages [Wagner and Hossler] including Endocrine Histology images - Univ of Delaware (US)
  Histotechnology Tutorials [EC Klatt]
  Histology Study Guide [Drake et al.] - Kobiljak Centers, Michigan State U. (US)
  Histological images of the skin [in Swedish; G Sandberg] - Karolinska Institute (SE)
  Elektronenmikroskopischer Atlas (cells, tissues, organs) im Internet [in German; H Jastrow] - J Gutenberg Univ., Mainz (DE)
  Histology for Medicine and Dentistry - NUS HistoNet, via Marburg Univ. (DE)
  A Gallery of Histological Sections and Cytological Smears [RC Ellis] - Queen Elisabeth Hospital (AU)
  An Illustrated Smear Tutorial - (DK)
  Histology Tutorial [George & Pawlina] - U of Florida (US).
  Educational Material in Histopathology - AnaPath (FR)
  Histopathology Images - SUNY Downstate Med C./Pathology (US)
  An Histology Atlas at Univ of Wisconsin (US)
  A collection of Illustrated Case Studies in Histopathology - MedNet, HELLAS (GR)
  Histology [JA McNulty] - Loyola University Med C. (US).

  An Image gallery at
  The cerebral hemispheres - Psychology: An Introduction [Morris and Maisto], Prentice Hall Inc.
  An Introduction to Neuropathology [N Peress] - SUNY, Stony Brook (US)
  A Neuropathology Image Atlas and a Neurology Image Library - Internet Stroke Center, Washington Univ., St Louis (US)
  Ischemic Stroke - Univ of Iowa, Neuroradiology (US)
  The Whole Brain Atlas [Johnson and Becker] - BWH, Harvard Medical School (US).
  BrainMaps .org - UC Regents Davis
  Brain S.P.E.C.T. Atlas - BrainPlace/Amen Clinics, Inc.
  Images of Major Sulci - Univ of W Ontario (CA)
  Some Gross Photos and Images in Neuroanatomy [FH Willard] - Univ. of New England (US)
  Brain Atlas Images - Univ. of Arkansas/Med Sci (US)
  Atlases of the Brain - Univ. of Utah (US)
  Digital Anatomist: Interactive Brain Atlas , and Neuroanatmy Interactive Syllabus [Sundsten and Mulligan] - U of Washington
  Salamon's Neuroanatomy and Neurovasculature Web-Atlas - RadNet/UCLA (US)
  Laboratory of Neuro Imaging - UCLA (US)
  A collection of Atlases in Neuroscience - Medi-Fax (CA)
  The Neuroradiology Library - Univ of Iowa (US)
  The Synapse Web (3D ultrastructure of the brain) [KM Harris et al.]
  An Atlas of Ultrastructural Neurocytology [J Spacek]
  Muscle & Nerve: Pathology and Illustration Index - Washington Univ., St. Louis (US)
  Neuroanatomy Lab & Review material [Sodicoff et al.] - Temple Univ. (US)
  An Interactive Online Guide to the Neurological Examination (incl video demonstrations) [H Blumenfeld]
  Braininfo Atlas - U of Washington/Seattle (US)
  McConnell Brain Imaging Centre - McGill U. (CA)
  Classical (Pavlovian) Conditioning , and the Tower of Hanoi Puzzle , illustrated - BrainViews
  Psychiatry Video Links [educ.] - Yale (US)
  Identification of (Illegal) Drugs -

  Web Path [EC Klatt] - Univ of Utah (US)
  Images and text of various Pathological Processes and Diseases from Path Web - U of Connecticut/Pathology (US)
  Pathology Images, and some more by E Uthman
  Pathbase: European mutant mouse pathology database - Univ of Cambridge (UK)
  Developmental and Genetic Diseases [with images] - Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (CH)
  Pathology Image Set at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine/Pathology
  Pathology Gallery [compiled by E Lulo] and D Laporte's Pathology 'Museum' - Spartan HSU
  Pathology Images - (CZ)
  Pathology Document Index - Middlesex Hosp. Trust (UK)
  The Urbana Atlas of Pathology - College of Medicine, University of Illinois/Champaign-Urbana (US).
  Educational Laboratory Pathology Cases - IPLAB.NET
  Image collection for a course in General Pathology at School of Optometry, Indiana Univ. (US)
  Images in Cytopathology - Univ of Texas (Houston)/Pathol. (US)
  Zytopathologie-Kurs (Cytopathology course) [K Glatz-Krieger] - Institut Pathologie, Basel (CH)
  A Cytopathology online tutorial, with an image atlas - Johns Hopkins/Dept of Pathology (US)
  An Introduction to Neuropathology [N Peress] - SUNY, Stony Brook (US).
  General Pathology - Gross Specimens - UC/Davis (US)
  Basic Medical Pathology [11 learning multimedia modules] - Univ of Alabama (US)
  Pathology Cases - U of Pittsburgh (US)
  Indice de las imagenes del Curso 'Anatomia Patologica' - (CL)
  Museum of Human Disease including a set of Interactive Images/Cases of Disease [G Velan] - Univ. of New South Wales (AU)
  About Firearms Injuries [EC Klatt]
  Crime Scene Investigatior Net - (US)

  Correlapaedia: a Correlative Encyclopedia of Pediatric Imaging, Surgery, and Pathology , and a MetaTextbook of Pediatric Radiology: Imaging Appearances of Common Pediatric Diseases [D and M D'Alessando] - Virtual Pediatric Hospital
  Images in Paediatric Cardiology [journal, illustrated] - (MT)
  Photos from Medical Genetics, 2nd ed. by Jorde et al.
  Images in Neonatology - NeoPix
  Pediatric Imaging Teaching Files from
  Image bank - Pediatric Surgery at Brown (Medical School) (US)
  A Pediatric Picture Atlas for Parents - Rainbow Pediatrics
  Pediatric Dentistry Clinical Photos - Creighton U.

  A Review of Image Search Engines - TASI (UK)
  A list of Image Search Engines - Fagan Finder
  Search for Images and Videos at Google
  Search for Images and Videos via Yahoo
  Search for Science and Technology related Videos at YouTube
  Clinical Skills Online - St George's Univ , London (UK)
  Search for Images via Baidu (CN)
  Search for Images and Videos via AllTheWeb
  Images Online [at a price] - British Library collections (UK)
  Search for Moving Images at BUFVC (UK)
  Visual Dictionary Online/Human being - Merriam-Webster
  A Photo Gallery of Famous Chemists [JL Park], and of Famous Physicists [H Nelson]
  Search Photoshare
  Picture Finder - Ditto.Com
  A Collection of Clinical Images [C Goldberg] - Univ of California/SD (US)
  The Connecticut Tutorials (Viseos) - UConn Health Center
  The HON Media repository [of medical images and videos] - Health On the Net Foundation
  Wikimedia Commons/Medicine
  A Medical Multimedia Database at the Univ of Virginia Health System
  Association of Medical Illustrators , and the Medical Illustration Source Book
  Featured Images in Clinical Medicine - NEJM
  Biomed Search (images from biomedical articles) [A Ksikis] - Univ of Cambridge (UK)
  Health Education Assets Library (free videos, interactive tutorials, ...) -
  Medical Indexed Visuals [fee based]
  Search for Medical Images - via FindLaw
  The Online Encyclopedia of Medical Images [subscription required] - images.MD
  The Image Library at Better Health (AU)
  A collection of Medical Photos - Medizin.(CH)
  Videos im Medizin - timms/Univ. Tuebingen (DE)
  The Medical Graphics and Imaging Group at University College London (UK)
  Multimedia resources - Merck Manual, 2nd Home Edition
  D. Kunkel's Image Collection [registration required] - Hawaii
  An interactive Consumer Medical Atlas from the Nebraska Medical Center
  Multimedia presentations from Medical Rounds
  Health and Medicine videos - Univ of California Television
  Medicine videos na dimages at ScienceDaily
  eBriefings from the New York Acad Sci (US)
  Some Video presentations from the Univ of Arizona/Health Science Center (US)
  Samples of 3D Animations from Nucleus Medical Art
  The Video Library at
  Watch Medicine/Health related TV transmissions at UWTV (US)
  MedPix: Radiology Images - Uniformed Services University (US)
  Medical Pictures / Disease Pictures, and on display, hosted by Hardin MetaDirectory, Univ of Iowa (US)
  Medical Image Collection at AccessMedicine, McGraw-Hill
  Banco de imagens - Medstudents (BR)
  Developmental and Genetic Diseases [with images] - Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (CH)
  3D Medical Animations - Merck Source
  A Color Atlas of Medical Diseases - eCureMe
  Health/Medical related Images [W Krutein] - PhotoVault (US)
  Medical Images [S Camazine]
  PhotoShare - Johns Hopkins (US)
  Images from the Frank H Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations [license based] - Teterboro, NJ (US)
  A collection of Medical illustrations [for patients] - CHC Medical Library. WI (US)
  Illustrated Educational Resources at the Spencer S Eccles Library, Utah (US)
  Biomedical Images from the Wellcome Trust (UK)
  Medical Photos (from Nigeria) at Thacher's Web Site
  Public Health Image Library [using Java applets] at CDC (US)
  A number of Interactive Health Tutorials [patient educaton; requires Flash plugin (download link provided)] - NLM (US)
  Physical Exam/Interviewing Videos - Univ of Virginia Health System (US)
  A Medical Animation Library and some Health Videos at
  The NIH Video Casting resource - (US)
  The Health Library Online Video Collection at Stanford Health Library (US)
  PhotoRounds - MDChoice
  The Institute of Medical Illustrators
  MediScan , an online medical image library (UK)
  From Bones to Atoms - Basel (CH)
  Videos from WebMD (some of them requiring membership)
  Medical Images Resources [18 pages link collection; B Grenier] - Bordeaux (FR)
  Bibliothèque d'images médicales [links] - Biblio Med AF Lemanissier (FR)
  A.D.A.M. and an index of their collection of Pictures and Images - via
  Human Anatomy models etc. - Einsteins-Emporium
  Pictures and Images via
  Archived Cool Health Images at The Why Files
  Scientific/Medical/Health Illustrations and Stock Images etc. - Russell Kightley Medica (AU)
  Multimedia Projects at the Health Science Campus, Univ of Toledo, OH (US)
  Custom Medical Stock Photo - Chicago (US)
  The Art of Healing - The C Everett Koop Institute
  Health Communication Materials Network - Media/Materials Clearinghouse
  Films for the Humanities and Sciences -
  (Cinema) Movie Titles containing the word ' doctor ' or ' medicine ' - Internet Movie Database
  Fanlight Productions [a collection from the New Yorker]

  Anatomy and Orthopedics
  Historical Anatomies on the Web - NLM, History of Medicine Div (US)
  Images from Vesalius' De Humanis Corporis Fabrica (1543, 1555) - NorthWestern Univ. (US)
  Illustrations from the 1918 edition of Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body - Bartleby.Com
  Anatomical Plates - Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, Toronto (CA)
  Anatomical illustrations - Southern California Orthopedic Institute (US)
  Gross Anatomy Atlas Images - Med School/U of Michigan (US)
  SPL/NSL Anatomy Browser - MIT AI Lab. (US)
  Anatomy Dissection Videos - Univ of Wisconsin (US)
  A side view of a Human Skeleton - Rolin Graphics/AMA-ASSN (US)
  Video clips (for patients) - UW/Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine (US)
  Electronic Anatomy Museum [A Gopalakrishnakone] - Nat'l Univ of Singapore
  Instant Anatomy [A & RH Whitaker]
  Images in Anatomy and Physiology - Centre for Bioscinece, Univ of Leeds (UK)
  Pictures in Rheumatology - MedNet, HELLAS (GR)
  The Image Archive at Chiro.Org [registration required]
  Primal Pictures (interactive 3D images; fee based) - (UK) and a free online trial
  The eSkeletons Project [Kappelman et al.] - Univ of Texas/Austin (US)
  Images from Mascagni's Anatomica Universa [1823-32] - via Hardin Library, Univ of Iowa (US)
  Revealing Bodies [exhibition] - Exploratorium (US)
  Gross Brain Anatomy Images from University of Arkansas (US)
  The Visual Body - ADAM/Merck Source
  Anatomical Drawings from the Merck Manual, 2nd Home Edition
  Gross Anatomy material [some of it password protected] from Upstate Medical Univ. (US)
  The Digital Anatomist Program - Washington University, Seattle (US).
  The Clinical Folios at Vesalius.Com [free to view, subscription to download]
  A collection of Anatomy related images at General Surgery Practice of Northern New Jersey
  Osteo Interactive [anthropol.] - U of Utah (US)
  The Image Library at
  Radiology Online Teaching Material - University of Washington (US)
  Images of Orthopedic Conditions - Hospital for Special Surgery/MedNet
  Hip Replacement and Knee Restoration Surgery (Carticel implantation) - two WebCasts from St. Francis Hospitals, IN (US)
  Orthopaedic Hardware [ML Richardson] - Univ of Washington/Radiology (US)
  Animated (Spinal) Treatments and Procedures - Twin City Orthopedics (US)
  Skeletal Trauma Radiology [text and images; Kuntz et al.] - Univ of Virginia (US)
  Visible Human Cross Sections , and the Bone Box - Loyola University Medical Education Network (US).
  An illustration of the Brain's Blood Supply - U of Wisconsin (US)
  An illustration of some important areas of the brain - Leslie Laurien/AMA-ASSN (US)
  Salamon's Neuroanatomy and Neurovasculature Web-Atlas - RadNet/UCLA (US)
  3-D Brain Anatomy [Shockwave plugin required] - PBS
  DTI (diffusion tensor imaging) atlas (of brain white matter) [Hermoye et al.] - (BE)+(US)
  Educational animations of different types of brain injury and neuroanatomy - Centre for Neuro Skills
  Image gallery at BWH/Harvard Medical School (US)
  Interactive Spine [Macromedia FLASH required] - OrthoSpine
  A Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery (lumbar fusion) Webcast [C Branch]
  The Global Spinal Cord , and the Global Brainstem Projects - U.W. Medical School (US)
  The Anatomical Waxes by Clementi Susini - (IT)
  Anatomical drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci
  Radiologic Anatomy - Albert Szent-Györgyi Med Univ, Szeged (HU)
  A collection of Anatomy Modules from the Univ of Washington, School of Medicine (US)
  Visible Embryo Project
  Animations from the Human Developmental Anatomy Center, US Nat'l Museum of Health and Medicine
  A collection of Visuals from the Society for Developmental Biology
  The Multi-Dimensional Human Embryo - Univ of Michigan
  (Mammalian) Embryo Images - Univ of N Carolina/Chapel Hill
  Embryology [M Hill] at UNSW, School of Anatomy (AU)
  Human Embryology [W Larsen]
  Anatomy of the Hand [C Eaton] - e-Hand
  Anatomy of the Foot - Dr Foot
  Clinical images of the Upper and Lower Extremities [C Goldberg] - Univ of California/SD (US)
  Musculoskeletal Exam Videos - Hospital for Special Surgery, N.Y. (US)
  Musculoskeletal Imaging Teaching Files - (US)
  An Upper , and Lower Extremity Muscle Atlas [Richardson, Teitze, Graney] - U of Washington
  Interactive Atlas of Signs in Musculoskeletal Radiology , and of Arthritides of the Foot [Gentili et al.]
  HyperMuscle: Muscles in Action [multimedia] - University of Michigan (US).
  Orthopaedic Surgery Animations [TJ Haverbush]
  Surgical Anatomy of the Gracilis Muscle [M Seccia] - Univ of Pisa (IT)

  The Visible Human Project
  The Visible Human Project , and a list of applications - NLM (US)
  AnatLine - NLM
  Visible Human Cross Sections - Stritch School of Med., Loyola Univ. (US)
  About The Visible Human Explorer - University of Maryland (US).
  Animating the Visible Human Data Set - VIZLAB/Rutgers Univ. (US)
  Center for Human Simulation - UCHSC, Denver (US)
  Professor Röntgen meets the Virtual Body - Hamburg (DE)

  Dentistry and Oral Health
  Google image search: Dentistry
  An Illustration of the mouth/teeth - NCI/SEER (US)
  Dental Caries Images [slide show] - Baylor Coll.,TX (US)
  Tooth decay [educ. video; in Swedish] - Karolinska Institute/Odontology (SE)
  Some Clinical Case presentations - Dr Galil's Site, Univ of W Ontario (CA)
  A Comprehensive Color Photo Atals of Dentistry [J Dorfman] -
  Oral (Throat) Photographs [K Kavanagh] - ENTUSA
  Oral Pathology Review Images - Virginia Commonwealth Univ./School of Dentistry (US)
  Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology material - USC School of Dentistry (US)
  Illustrated Dental Topics [Dunlap and Barker] - via Dental Hygiene Help Site
  Picture Gallery of Oral Manifestations of HIV and Dental Care - HIVDENT
  Der knöcherne Schädel - Ein Bildwörterbuch - U of Mainz (DE)
  Biblioteca de Imagenes - Odontologia Online [in Spanish] - Venezuela
  Clinical Image Archive at Eastman Dental Institute (UK)
  A collection of Endodontical cases with images [Boveda et al.]
  Pediatric Dentistry Clinical Photos - Creighton U.
  A video clip of a Traitement d'urgence d'un abchs apical aigu - Editions CdP
  Video News Releases and some Animations and Games, for children from the American Dental Association
  Some Endodontic Microscope Pictures [SK Bentkover] - Univ. of Illinois (US)
  Floor of Mouth/Oral Cavity images [ Manolidis] - via

  Eye, ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) and Respiratory System
  Cross-sectional Anatomy of Head and Neck Region [Visible Human Project material] - via Stritch School of Med./Loyola (US)
  Diagram of the Eye - NEI/NIH (US)
  EyeAtlas - Oculisti Online
  Clinical Images of the Eye [C Goldberg] - Univ of California/SD (US)
  RED (recognizing eye diseases) Atlas
  Digital Atlas of Ophthalmology - N.Y. Eye & Ear Infirmary (US)
  Atlas of Ophthalmology [Machemer and Michelson] - Online Journals of Ophthalmology
  Search the Ophthalmic Atlas at the Univ of Iowa (US)
  Photos, Images and Videos from the US Nat'l Eye Institute
  Vision disorder simulations - Schepens Eye Research Institute
  The David G. Cogan Ophthalmic Pathology Collection from the US Nat'l Eye Institute
  Giessener Ophthalmologischer Bildatlas - Justus-Liebig Universität (DE)
  Two Minute Eye Exam (Video) [Verdick and Sutphin] - MedRounds, via Google
  Atlas of Ophthalmology -
  Images of Eye Conditions - Eye Mac
  The Eye Pathologist [registration required] - Duke Univ. (US)
  Eye Disease Simulations - NEI/NIH (US)
  Eye Diseases and Disorders - an illustrated encyclopedia - StLukes Eye
  Ophthalmology Illustrations -
  Ophthalmic Pathology, with images and a Medical Student Case Study Workbook , with photos - Univ of Wisconsin/Eye Clinics (US)
  Diagnostic procedure slides, Part I and Part II [HD Riley] - School of Optometry, Indiana Univ. (US)
  Photos from a Vitrectomy [WD Leahy Jr.]
  A few images [DK Henry] - Ophthalmic Photography
  EyeSpaceMD: The Global Classroom [membership required to view all images]
  Augenheilkunde im Internet [in German; J Faulborn] - (AT)
  Success in MRCOphth , including videos & images in ophthalmology [CN Chua] - (UK)
  Ophthalmic Pathology Archive - John A. Moran Eye Center, Univ. of Utah (US)
  Ultrasound biomicroscopy of the Eye [CJ Pavlin]
  WebVision - The Organization of the Vertebrate Retina - Univ of Utah (US)
  3D vision images [R Cooper]
  Temporal Bone Anatomy [K Kavanagh]
  Pathology/Radiology Images in Otolaryngology [links] - Baylor College of Medicine (US)
  Laryngeal Photos and Videos in Voice Medicine [JP Thomas]
  Pictures in Otolaryngology - Otolaryngology Houston (US)
  Medical Videos (in Otolaryngology) - Mann ENT Clinic
  Anatomy of a Rhinoplasty [A Sclafani; patient education] - NYEE (US)
  ENT Videos & Photographs , and some Surgery Videos [K Kavanagh] from Ear, Nose & Throat - U.S.A.
  Video Otoscopy [RC Sullivan]
  Animations of Processes Within the Ear [QuickTime movie clips] - Univ of Wisconsin/Neurophys. (US)
  Inner Ear Anatomy - WUSTL (US)
  View of Vocal Plicae [Keilmann and Jastrow] - Clinical Anatomy/Univ of Mainz (DE)
  Disorders of the Larynx - via
  Lung Anatomy illustrations [A Whitaker] - Instant Anatomy (UK)
  Röntgenbilder, Sammlung Lunge (X-ray images of the lung) - Die Lunge im Netz (DE)
  An Interactive Atlas of Thoracic Viscera - Univ of Washington (US)
  Virtual bronchoscopy of a patient with bilateral lung cavities - Diagnostic Radiology Dept., NIH-CC (US)
  Atlas of Digital and Quantitative Bronchoscopy - Univ of Iowa/Radiology (US)
  Laboratory Dissection of the Pleural Cavities [demo module; Romrell et al.] - via Integrated Medical Curriculum
  Text and Images of Tuberculosis - WebPath, Utah (US)
  Images of Lungs - Lung USA
  Pulmonary Pathology Images [EC Klatt]
  Diseases of the Lung - Univ of Connecticut/Pathol (US)
  Lung Pathology, Micro - Tulane Univ. (US)

  Gynecology & Obstetrics
  Female Genital Tract Pathology [EC Klatt]
  Surgical Photos of Ob/Gyn Conditions [DA Hill]
  Human Sexuality Image Bank - McGraw-Hill
  Endometriosis Multimedia Gallery - Georgia Reproductive Specialists
  Images of Endometriosis and Other Gynecologic Conditions - Fertility Institute of the Mid-South (US)
  The Image Library at OBGYN.Net [free registration required for special features]
  Atlas de imagenes de Ginecologia y Obstetricia [in Spanish] - S.E.G.O. (ES)
  What Do the Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Look Like? [R Sowadsky] - Nevada State Health Div. (US)
  Digital Atlas of Gynecologic Pathology [M Singh] - Univ of Colorado (US)
  An STI Slide Gallery from Health Canada
  Women's Diagnostic Imaging Teaching Files - (US)
  Image collection at Thomas jefferson Univ Hosp/Fibroid Center (US)
  Coloscopy: from the examiner's perspective and the patient's perspective - OncoLink
  A Picture atlas of Aided and Unaided Visual Inspection of the Cervix [S Nazeer] - Geneva Foundation for Med Educ and Research (CH)
  An Image Database of Human Reproductive Biology -
  Visible Embryo development [0-24 post ovulatory weeks]
  Human Embryology [W Larsen]

  Microbiology, Infectious Diseases
  Protist Image Data [O'Kelly and Littlejohn] - Univ of Montreal (CA)
  Images of Life - Univ of Aberdeen (UK)
  Educational Graphics Gallery [genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, ...] - Access Excellence
  Illustrated pages on various Cell Biology Topics - Univ of Arkansas (US)
  DNA, DNA-Protein complexes & Viruses - Electron Micrograph Library, U of Wisconsin
  The Tree of Life [D & W Maddison, et al] - University of Arizona (US)
  Properties and Images of the 20 standard Amino Acids - Jena Library (DE)
  A Common Molecules Collection - Reciprocal Net (US)
  Images from the NanoWorld - (AU)
  Microbiology and Immunology On-line , a free textbook with illustrations from the Univ. of South Carolina (US)
  Cell Biology animations - Frontiers in Bioscience
  An Image and Video Library - American Soc Cell Biology
  The Image Library ('Dolly' etc.) at the Roslin Institute (UK)
  CELLS alive! [JA Sullivan]
  Medical Microbiology textbook [S Baron] - UTMB (US)
  The Immune System, with a few Illustrations [P Bugl] - Univ of Hartford (US)
  Photos of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases - Immunization Action Coalition
  Medical Microbiology including a Photo Gallery of Bacterial Pathogens [N Chamberlain] - Kirksville Coll. (US)
  An Image Gallery at Invitrogen Corp.
  Bacteria and Fungi photo gallery - Buckman Laboratories
  Medical Mycology image library [J Weber] - Univ of Wisconsin Madison (US)
  The Photo Gallery at Mycology Online - Adelaide (AU)
  Fungus and Actinomycete Gallery - Chiba Univ. (JP)
  Some Images from the Fifth Kingdom (Fungi) [B Kendrick]
  Images of Fungi - Oregon State Univ.
  Mycology Image Gallery - Mount Sinai Hosp./MicroWeb (CA)
  Photo Gallery at Molecular Expressions (UK)
  Microbiology Video Library at Univ of Leicester (UK)
  Infectious Disease Images [free registration required] - PartnerS (US)
  About the Scientific Image Bank at Institut Pasteur (FR)
  The Image Library and Video Library at WHO, Tropical Disease Research
  Atlas of Medical Parasitology - Univ. of Torino (IT)
  Pests and Diseases Image Library at PaDIL (AU)
  Parasite Images - Chiang Mai Univ (TH)
  250 Parasite and Worm Images - CureZone
  Parasitology Images [TP Bucklew] - California Univ of Pennsylvania
  The Wall Charts of Rudolph Leuckart (1822-98) [parasitology] - Marine Biological Lab., MA (US)
  Parasitology Images from U of Delaware/Diagnostic Parasitology (US)
  Photo collection from the Dept of Medical Entomology, Sydney (AU)
  Virus Picture Gallery - ICTV
  The T-number Index of Viruses at VIPERdb, Scripps Research Institute
  The Big Picture Book of Viruses - Garry Lab., Tulane (US)
  Virus Ultrastructure [L Stannard] - Univ. of Cape Town (ZA)
  Visualizations of Viruses - U of Wisconsin/Inst Mol Virology
  AIDS Pathology [EC Klatt]
  BIODIC - a gallery of ultrastructure images [L De Vos] - Brussels (BE)

  Oncology (Cancer)
  A Tumor Atlas - Frontiers in Bioscience
  Pathol. notes and images of Benign and Malignant Tumors - PathWeb/Univ of Connecticut (US)
  A collection of Cancer Pictures hosted on Hardin MD, Iowa (US)
  Pictures of Cancer - MediScan (UK)
  Pictures of Breast Cancer -
  A Digital Atlas of Breast Pathology [M Singh] - Univ of Colorado (US)
  The Kyushu Gastrointestinal Medical Image Database - (JP)
  The PDQ sumaries (for patients), with illustrations - US Nat'l Cancer Institute
  Image Archive Resources - via US Nat'l Cancer Institute
  The video library at MUSC/Hollings Cancer Center (US)
  A histological Atlas of Neuro-Oncology - (FR)
  Bone Tumor information, with some pictures -
  Bone Tumor related Images - Washington Musculoskeletal Tumor Center (US)
  The Cancer Image Reference Database - Nat'l Kyushu Cancer Center (JP)
  Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology [J-L Huret] - Poitiers Hospital (FR)
  Cancer Caught on Video - Public Broadcasting Service, Virginia (US)
  Brain Tumor images - Neuroradiology, Univ of Iowa (US)
  Video presentations of brain tumor issues - via
  Skin Cancer Images [J Melton] - Cosmetic Surgery, Chicago (US)
  Skin Cancer and Benign Tumor Image Atlas - Loyola Univ., Chicago (US)
  Pictures of Leukemia - MediScan (UK)
  Eye Cancer Images from Eyecancer Network
  Cancer Pathology images - NCI (US)
  Larynx Cancer , images and a video - Tobacco Facts
  Brochoscopy in a Patient with Lung Cancer [K Kavanach]
  FDG-PET/CT in Lung Cancer - Harvard Medical School/Nuclear medicin
  Links to Breast Imaging Resources - via Imaginis
  Images of Cancer of the Breast and Renal Cell Carcinoma [D LaPorte]
  Videos (liver cancer) from Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute
  Images of Testicular Tumors - Frontiers in Bioscience
  An Art Gallery at Breast Cancer Answers

  Radiology/-graphy, Nuclear Medicine & Ultrasonography
  Yottalook [a radiology search engine]
  Searching for Radiology Images - GoldMiner, AARS
  Clinical MRI Images from JP Hornak's Basics of MRI
  A large collection of Learning Files [most of them at a price] from the American College of Radiology
  Fetal MRI Atlas - Beth Israel Deaconess med C./Harvard
  MRI Anatomy Atlas - Indiana Univ., School of Medicine (US)
  Radiology images at MedPix, Uniformed Services Univ. (US)
  A collection of Radiology items at Flickr
  Radiology Center [annotated links] - Martindale Health Science Guide
  The Image Gallery at RadiologyInfo
  Teaching files/cases - Univ Hospitals Cleveland/Dept of Radiology (US) [teaching files]
  Radiology Education [links to authoritative resources collected by MP D'Alessandro]
  MRI Teaching File [R Ballinger]
  Radiology Teaching Files from Wayne State Univ. (US)
  Radiographic Patterns of Skeletal Disease [D Adcock] - Univ of S Carolina (US)
  Image Base [NJ Oldnall] at
  Radiologic Anatomy - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Univ. (HU)
  Women's Health: Diagnostic Imaging Samples - uhrad.som
  Pediatric Radiology [slides, with images] - Indiana Univ. (US)
  Cases in X-ray radiology [AC Downie] - The X-ray Files (UK)
  Röntgenbilder, Sammlung Lunge und Traumatologie (X-ray, lung and trauma images) - Die Lunge im Netz (DE)
  Interactive Atlas of Signs in Musculoskeletal Radiology [A Gentili] - UCSD
  Les Dossiers classe's selon l'index de radiologie and IconoCERF-Web - Rennes Univ. (FR)
  A few demo cases in Radiology/Ultrasonography - UCSF (US)
  Case studies in MR-guided therapy - Univ of Minnesota/Radiology (US)
  Digital Mammography Home Page - U of South Florida
  Nuclear Medicine Cases by Type & Diagnosis - WUSTL (US)
  Radiology Image&Text Museum - C Middlesex Hosp Trust,London (UK),
  Chest X-ray Atlas - Loyola Univ. Medical Center, Chicago (US)
  A sorted collection of X-ray and CT files - via MDChoice
  Computed Tomography Library - NetMedicine
  Interesting Images/Cases , and Normal and Benign Pathologic Findings in PET/CT - Harvard Medical School/Nuclear Medicine (US)
  CT Teaching Files - CT is us
  CT Images and Case Studies by Anatomic Region - GE Medical Systems
  A Teaching File Database from UCSD Neuroradiology
  Neuroradiology Teaching Files from
  Radiology Cases (listed by title) from Brigham & Women's Hospital/Radiology - (US)
  Some PET scanner images - Crump Institute/UCLA
  My PET [H Alibazuglo]
  Diagnostic Ultrasound [G Diaz]
  Obstetric Ultrasound , including a picture gallery [J Woo] - (HK)
  3d Ultrasound Gallery - BabyView (UK)
  3D Pregnancy Ultrasound Pictures via
  4D Ultrasound Scan Fetal Video Clips [N Layyous]
  4D Image Library - Philips Electronics
  Echocardiographic Images on the Internet [D Shindler] - UMD, New Jersey
  Image Library at ATL Ultrasound/Philips
  Case studies in Podiatric (Musculoskeletal) Ultrasonography - PodiatricSonography
  Color Doppler Images [D Kannan] - Kerala (IN)

  Historical Images: Surgery - Image-of-Surgery
  Surgery related Video Clips and Images found by AltaVista, and by Google
  DIA-Sammlung Chirurgischer Erkrankungen [P Huber; in German] - (DE)
  Surgery Videos - via MedlinePlus
  YourSurgery .com [fee based]
  Surgery videos -
  An archive of Surgery Webcasts at Wake Forest Univ. Baptist (US)
  Surgery Health Videos on Demand - UCSF Med Center (US)
  StreamOR: free streaming surgical video
  A collection of Surgical videos from Univ of Michigan (US)
  Some Procedure Animations - Wake Forest Univ.
  Operational Medicine (videos) - Brookside Associates
  Minimally Invasive Valve Surgery [LH Cohn] - CTSNet
  Some Animated procedures (for patients) - St Francis Hosp.
  Live Surgical Webcasts at OR live - Massachusetts Gen Hosp. (US), including e.g. Minimally Invasive Total Hip Arthroplasty from Orthopedic Surg., Sinai Hosp. (US)
  Surgical Webcasts from Brigham and Women's Hosp. (US)
  Clinical Tutorials and Image Galleries in Surgery - Surgical-Tutor (UK)
  The Surgical Video Library at Heart Surgery Forum
  Surgery (Ear-Nose-Throat) Videos - ENT USA
  Intraoperative Videos - NYU Med C./Cardiothoracic Surgery
  Watch a Surgery - Nebraska Medical Center (US)
  Some Pictures from the USC Div. of Emergency Non-Trauma and Minimally Invasive Surgery (US)
  Neurosurgical Image database and videos - Congress of Neurological Surgeons
  A collection of Interactive Spine Animations [Shockwave] from Spine-Health.Com
  Endoscopic Surgery of the Spine [Huec & Husson] - (FR)
  Videos from, via YouTube
  Surgical Anatomy of the Gracilis Muscle [M Seccia] - Univ of Pisa (IT)
  Tying a Surgeon's Knot - Univ of Cincinnati (US)
  Suturing in some surgical procedures - Pare Surgical, Inc.
  Hip Replacement and Carticel Transplant in the Knee - two WebCasts from St. Francis Hospitals, IN (US)
  Virtual Hip Resurfacing - Edheads
  The Trauma Image Bank - Trauma.Org
  Transplantation: Living Donor Video - U of Maryland (US)
  Videos from the OP room - via Med1 (DE)
  Some media clips from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons
  Video Gallery [mpeg] - CardioThoracic Surgery Network
  Image bank - Pediatric Surgery at Brown (Medical School) (US)
  Intraoperative Videos - Online Institute for CardioThoracic Surgery/NYU School of Medicine (US)
  Picture Gallery , and an illustrated presentation of Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass - Laparoscopy.Com
  A Photo and a Video Gallery at the OperationSmile site
  Laparoscopic Video, and Picture Gallery - Laparoscopy Hospital. New Delhi (IN)
  Photo Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery Results - American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  Image Gallery [C Eaton] at e-Hand
  Online Atlas of Surgery - Bowman Gray/Wake Forest Med C.
  Vesalius - educational anatomy for surgeons [free to view, subscription to download]
  Wundversorgung [images; text in German] - Univ. Bern (CH)
  Wound Healing, with images - Progressive Surgical Products, N.Y. (US)
  Wound Closure Techniques - via ResidentNet
  An illustrated Glossary of Anesthesia Terms [browse page by page] - Univ of Michigan/Medical School (US)
  The Video Library at APSF
  Operating Theatre pictures - MediScan (UK)
  Image resources related to Anesthesia/Critical care/Emergency [links; B Grenier]
  A collection of Educational Videos etc. in Surgery - via Cine'-Med, Inc.

  A collection of Clinical Genital/Rectal Images [C Goldberg] - Univ of California/SD (US)
  Images of Male Genital System Pathology [EC Klatt]
  A Visual Survey of Urologic Pathology [DM Ramnani] - Richmond, Virginia (US)
  Image library at The Virtual Prostate
  Images of Testicular Cancer - Testicular Cancer Resource Center/ACOR
  Video on Traditional Treatment Options for Enlarged Prostate - HealthCentral
  A collection of Images in Urology at Sociedad Argentina de Urologia
  Video clip of da Vinci Robotic-Assisted Prostatectomy - via OR-live
  Anatomical Retropubic Prostatectomy - Johns Hopkins/Urology (US)
  Renal Pathology [EC Klatt]
  Selected Urogenital related Images from different Web sites - Geneva Foundation for Med Educ and Research (CH)
  An Atlas of Renal Pathology - AJKD (US)
  A collection of Audio-Video Resources at J B Brady Urological Institute, Johns Hopkins
  A collection of Images of the Pelvic Floor -
  The Video Gallery at the Laparoscopic Urogynecology Center of Atlanta (US)
  A few illustrations of Minimally Invasive Stone Surgery - Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison (US)
  The Video Gallery at Atlanta Center for Laparoscopic Urogynecology (US)
  Images from Atlas of Diseases of the Kidney [ed. RW Schrier]
  Some Renal Trauma Images (CT, MR, Ultrasound, ...) [Hawkins et al.]
  An STI Slide Gallery from Health Canada