Genetic nomenclature for Yeast

1. The gene name should consist of three letters (the gene symbol) followed by an integer (e.g. ADE12).

2. Dominant alleles of the gene (most often wild-type) are denoted by all uppercase letters, while recessive alleles are denoted by all lowercase letters.

3. The 3-letter gene symbol should stand for a description of a phenotype, gene product or gene function.

4. A superscript "+" is reserved for wild-type, e.g., ARG+.

5. Alleles of a gene are designated by a hyphen, e.g., arg2-9.

6. Gene, allele, aberration and transponson/transgene-construct names and symbols are italicized in printed text. When used to indicate phenotype, rather than genotype (e.g., protein, strain), then the name or symbol is printed in non-italic type.

7. For stain names, the first letter is upper case and the rest lower case (e.g., Arg+).