Drying of polyacrylamide gels --- vacuum

1. After destaining of the PAGE gel, mount the gel onto a piece of Whatman 3MM paper.

2. Cover the gel with plastic wrap.

3. Place a piece of paper towel on the center of the vacuum blotter. And place the gel, Whatman paper side down, on the paper towel.

4. Put on the cover. Turn on the vacuum. Dry under the vacuum with 80 C heat until the gel is dry.

The time it takes to dry a gel varies depending on the vacuum blotter used. Don't turn off the vacuum or lift the cover to check whether the gel is dry until you are sure the gel is dry. The gel will break if it is still wet.

5. A trap between the vacuum and the heat blotter is required. Cool the trap (i.e., dry ice) may speed the drying of PAGE gel.