Coomassie blue staining of proteins

1. Run a protein polyacrylamide gel.

2. Submerge the gel in the Commassie blue stain solution. Use just enough to completely submerge the polyacrylamide gel. Stain for 1-4 hours or overnight at room temperature with gentle shake.

Commassie blue stain solution
Commassie Blue 600 mg
Water 260 ml
Methanol 240 ml
Acetic Acid 100 ml

Coomassie blue stain solution can be reused for serveral times.

3. Destaining in several changes of de-staining solution until protein bands are clear. Put a small sponge in the destaining solution to absorb coomassie blue dye particles.

De-staining solution
Water 1200 ml
Methanol 800 ml
Acetic Acid 200 ml

4. Gel can be photographed under white light, stored in the destaining solution, or dried.