Orbital shakers with temperature control Frequently used for grown bacterial (37 C, 225-300 rpm) and yeast (30 C, 200-250 rpm).

Can also be used to grow tissue culture cells (start at ~50 rpm, could go as high as 150 rpm depending on cell types and adaptation).

Orbital shaker with a radiation-protective cover can be used as a hybridization oven.

Special shakers with microplate holders can be used for shaking 96-well plates for growing clones in 96 wells, ELISA, etc.

Rock shakers Frequently used for gentle rocking of solutions in staining or destaining gels, Southern/Northern/Western washes, etc.

Rock and Roll shaker Move in tilted angels. Frequently used for mixing solutions in microtubes, hybridization bags, etc.

Maintenance Shakers require minimum maintenance. Keep them clean.