1. Examine new stocks for signs of mites. Using a microscope, examine the medium surface and the vial walls.

2. Open a stock only if no mites are sighted. Transfer adult files to a fresh vial. Keep the original and subculture in a quarantine tray.

3. Keep the original for about 20 days. Rechecking for mites every 5 to 10 days.

4. If mites are found, keep infected cultures wrapped in benzyle benzoate-treated cheese cloth. The cheese cloth is soaked in 10% benzyl benzoate in 95% ethanol and air dried. Replace the cloths every 6 months.

5. Transfer adults to a fresh vial daily for about a week. Use the last transfer to establish a new culture.

6. Infected cultures need to be wrapped in benzyl benzoate-treated cheese cloth until they have been mite-free for three generations.