SYBR Green staining of nucleotic acids
1. SYBR Green is more sensitive than ethidium bromide.

2. SYBR Green is less mutagenic than ethidium bromide according to Ames test results.

3. SYBR Green I preferentially binds to dsDNA. SYBR Green II preferentially binds to ssDNA and RNA.

4. Gels can be stained using protocols similar to those for ethidium bromide.

     - Dilute the 10,000X stock to 1X in gel running buffer and stain the gel for 0.5-1 hour after gel running.
     - Gels can also be casted in a buffer containing 1X concentration of SYBR

5. SYBR can be used for PAGE gels.

6. SYBR does not intefer with transfering from gel to membrane in the presence of low concentration of SDS.