Pcik a single clone

1. Sterile toothpicks or an inoculation loop are frequently the choice for picking single clones. Toothpicks should be autoclaved and kept in a closed bottle or beaker with aluminum foil cover.

2. Light a small flame and keep opened toothpicks, plates, or media near the flame.

3. Select a single colony that is well separated from the others. If using toothpicks, gently touch the colony with the tip of a sterile toothpick, and transfer the cells to another plate by streaking on the plate or to a liquid culture by dipping the tip with cells inside the media.

4. If using an inoculation loop, sterilize the loop by dipping in 70% ethanol and then move the loop over the flame. Wait until the loop is cool. Gently touch the colony with the loop, transfer cells to a different plate by streaking or to a liquid culture by dipping in the media.