GenBank Identifier Syntax

Database Name                         Identifier Syntax

  GenBank				gb|accession|locus
  EMBL Data Library			emb|accession|locus
  DDBJ, DNA Database of Japan		dbj|accession|locus
  NBRF PIR				pir||entry
  Protein Research Foundation		prf||name
  SWISS-PROT				sp|accession|entry name
  Brookhaven Protein Data Bank		pdb|entry|chain
  Patents				pat|country|number 
  GenInfo Backbone Id			bbs|number 
  General database identifier		gnl|database|identifier
  NCBI Reference Sequence		ref|accession|locus
  Local Sequence identifier		lcl|identifier

For example, an identifier might be "gb|M73307|AGMA13GT", where the "gb" tag indicates that the identifier refers to a GenBank sequence, "M73307" is its GenBank ACCESSION, and "AGMA13GT" is the GenBank LOCUS.