Automation --- Microsoft Excel tables

Example 1 --- Today's date

1. Open a new Excel file.

2. In an empty cell, type in:

= now()

and then press the enter or return key.

3. You may see the date in the following format:

9/3/2002 18:25

4. To display month and date only (or any other format), go to Format/Cells, and select the Date category. Select the desired format.

Example 2 --- Date differences

1. Input two dates in two cells. For example, 3/4/2001 in the cell A1 and 5/3/2002 in the cell A2.

2. In the A3 cell, type in:

= DAYS360(A1, A2)

3. Press the enter or return key, the date differences should appear. In this example, it is 419 days.

Example 3 --- How old are the mice?

1. Click here to open a mouse log book you may customize.

2. Column B is the mouse's date of birth.

3. Click on C4, you should see the following formula:

=DAYS360(B4, NOW())

which automatically calculates the mouse's age in days.

4. Copy and paste to add new rows.