Automation on Mac---iDo Script Scheduler

Edited by Chang Zhu
iDo Script scheduler is a scheduling utility for automatically running AppleScripts at any time you choose. Check whether your system already has iDo. If not, download a free lite version from Sophisticated Circuits . At the moment of writting it runs only on MacOS 9 (in the classical environment). It will run on systems with both OS. If you have Mac OS X, check whether Sophisticated Circuits updated its support to Mac OS X.

If you followed the default installation, the scheduler application should be installed in Macintosh HD:System Folder:Control Panels:iDo Script Scheduler. Start the Scheduler by double-click the iDo Script Scheduler icon.

Starting to edit a new schedule by clicking on "New".

  • 1. Give your event a name, e.g., "Mac says I do!"
  • 2. Chose a trigger: e.g., select "Repeating." Choose the frequency to be 1 minute, and starting time the current time.
  • 3. Use "Choose" to select the applescript you would like to run, e.g., "idoascript" we wrote in Automation on Mac---AppleScript. Make sure when you save the scipt in the ScriptEditor, the Format is selected to be "MacOS X Applet" if you normally start your computer in the MacOS X.

Wait for a momment to hear your Mac repeats "I do!". If you normally start your computer in the MacOS X, you may need to manually start iDo Script Scheduler (or the Classical Environment). If you normally start your computer in the classical environmen, you would need to save the idoascript file in the format of "classical applet".