Automation on Mac---AppleScript
AppleScript is an utility for automation on Mac. For more information, please visit the AppleScript web site.

To edit an AppleScript, start the SciptEditor (in the Applications:AppleScript folder). You can start recording a new script by clicking on "Record", and scriptable actions will be recorded (try to open and then close a folder for starter). Click on stop and then on Run. Your recorded actions will be run.

You can write your own script program using the ScriptEditor. For more applications, please visit the AppleScript web site. Here we'll show the principles using a simple example.

Start the ScriptEditor, in the commands field (bottom half) type in

say "I do!"

(Don't panic, no commitments!). Click on Run to try the script. You should hear a voice saying "I do!"

Save the script as "idoscript". When saving you may choose the format to be "classical applet" (classical environment) or "MacOS X applet" (MacOS X).

Double-click on the "idascript" icon, the applescript will start. Congratulations you have written your first applescript!

For how to command your Mac to say "I do!" every two minutes, see iDo Script Scheduler.