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PROW: CDw108
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PROTEIN SEQUENCE ANNOTATION  From: Akira Yamada     Date: 11/15/99
Subject: CDw108 structure solved

*The CDw108 cDNA encodes 666 amino acids of precursor molecule, including the 46 amino acids of N-terminal signal peptide and the 19 amino acids of C-terminal hydrophobic tail for GPI-anchor
*Mature membrane-anchoring form is the 602 amino acids
*Estimated molecular mass of unglycosylated form is 68 kDa
*RGD sequence and five N-glycosylation sites exist

Yamada A, Kubo K, Takeshita T, Harashima N, Kawano K, Mine T, Sagawa K, Sugamura K and Itoh K. 1999. Molecular cloning of a glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored molecule CDw108. J Immunol 162:4094-4100

OTHER LIGANDS AND ASSOCIATED MOLECULES  From: Akira Yamada     Date: 11/18/99
Subject: Plexin-C1 is a receptor for CDw108

Plexin-C1, also known as VESPR, is a receptor for CDw108

Tamagnone L, Poo M, Tessier-Lavigne M, Comoglio PM, Artigiani S, Chen H, He Z, Ming GI, Song H, Chedotal A, Winberg ML and Goodman CS. 1999. Plexins are a large family of receptors for transmembrane, secreted, and GPI-anchored semaphorins in vertebrates. Cell 99:71-80

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