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7.01 Knowledge Noodle - Fall 1997

The Knowledge Noodle, originally developed by Christina Onufryk (BS'95), outlines the core units of the course and the concepts that are important to understand for each unit. The Noodle is reccomended for use in class preparation by tutors and by students when reviewing a unit or when studying for an exam.

Teaching Introductory Biology in the Experimental Study Group at MIT is different from teaching these subjects in the regular curriculum. Because we teach freshmen in small groups, we can replace the usual series of lectures by discussions of the reading assignments and of the problem set questions. As a result, our reading assignments are long. We find this discussion format an excellent and compelling way to teach.

When teaching Introductory (Molecular) Biology to freshmen in the Experimental Study Group at MIT, we read selected articles which serve to authenticate the need to understand Molecular Biology in order to deal with cutting edge biology research.

We also use as hard-cover text "Biology" by Purves, 5th edition. We find it useful that students read both the Hypertext and a relevant section of Purves to get somewhat different perspectives. While the Hypertext has more in-depth material, reading the Purves text is also useful for its contents and particularly for its illustrations.

Core Units in 7.01

Biological Macromolecules

Readings: Hypertext-Large Molecules
Purves, Chapter 3: Large Molecules

The reading assignment is the first two chapters of the Hypertext and Purves p19-61.

Enzyme Structure and Kinetics

Reading: Hypertext- Enzyme Biochemistry, and
Purves, Chapter 6: Energy, Enzymes and Catalysis.

Central Metabolic Biochemistry

Reading:Chapter 7: Pathways That Release Energy in Cells
Refer also to Chapter 5: Membranes for more information
and Chapter 8: Photosynthesis for more information
And don't forget the Hypertext- Photosynthesis

Mendelian Genetics

Reading: Hypertext- Mendelian Genetics
Purves, Chapter 9: Chromosomes and Cell Division, and
Chapter 10:Mendelian Genetics and Beyond

The Central Dogma of Biology

Readings: Hypertext- The Central Dogma;
Purves, Chapter 11: Nucleic Acids as Genetic Material.

Bacterial Genetics and Regulation

Readings: Hypertext- Prokaryotic Genetics and Regulation
Purves, Chapter 12: Molecular Genetics of Prokaryotes

Recombinant DNA Technology

Readings: Hypertext- Recombinant DNA
Purves, Chapter 14: Recombinant DNA Technology

Eukaryotic Cells - Structure, Function, and Communication

Readings: Hypertext Cell Biology
Purves, Chapter 12 and 13: Gene Expression in Eukaryotes;Chapter 4: Organization of the Cell ; Chapter 36: Animal Hormones

Population Genetics and Evolution

Reading: Purves, Chapter 47: The mechanisms of Evolution

The Immune System

We will be watching some videotaped lectures on the basic concepts of Immunology, distributed via satellite by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

These topics are supplemented by problem sets, exams, wet labs, and simulated labs on the Macintosh.