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Enzyme Biochemistry

Concepts to be discussed in this module include:

* basic laws of thermodynamics
* review of Chemical Equilibria and Keq
* relationship between equilibria and free energy
* relationship between free energy, heat, and entropy
* reaction rates
* catalysts and their effect of reaction rates and equilibria
* the effects of substrate concentration on reaction rates
* coupled reactions
* molecular structure of enzymes (ie: primary, secondary, etc.)
* activities of certain protein digesting enzymes
* prosthetic groups commonly associated with enzymes
* regulation of enzyme activity (reversible and irreversible inhibition)
* competitive and non-competitive inhibition of enzymes
* allostery
* the control of metabolism through allostery through positive and negative feedback
* protein denaturation
* methods used to purify proteins

* (optional) protein/protein interactions in muscle contraction and in the movement of cilia and flagella

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