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Cloning Genes
digestive tract. The bacterial cells divide very rapidly making billions
Prokaryotic Gene Regulation
could be added to a Lac- cell to make it a Lac+ cell (Bacterial
-For bacteria, phenotype notation usually begins with a capital
through the bacterial membrane. This is shown below:
-In bacteria, genotype notation is underlined; usually beginning with a
behave in diploids. That is, if you constructed the following bacterial
BUT, bacteria are normally haploid - so how can you make the diploid
You are studying a new sugar-metabolizing operon in bacteria,
E. coli
bacteria, most varieties of E. coli do not present a great health hazard
Control of the Cell Cycle
observed in the light microscope. In some types of bacteria, cell
division involves a simple elongation of the bacterial cell and the
hours. This represents the period of its life cycle. Bacteria by
Monoclonal Antibody Technology
Substances foreign to the body, such as disease-causing bacteria and viruses
A vaccine is a preparation of killed or weakened bacteria or viruses that, when
bacterial products, and other unusual or abnormal substances in the blood.
An Interview with DNA Forensics Authority Dr. Bruce Weir
crime scene be commingled with all kinds of other DNA from bacteria,
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phages and how they helped scientists discover mutations in bacteria
serial dilutions and counting populations of bacteria
isolating bacterial mutants
transfer of "male" characteristics from one bacteria to another
Membrane Proteins Introduction
if an E. coli bacterium detects a high concentration of lactose in the
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defenses against viral infections vs. defenses against bacterial infections
Chemical Energetics
and used by plants and some bacteria for photosynthesis
1.1 Membrane Structure and Composition
The phospholipids can move to the opposite side of a bacterial cell membrane
7.01Recombinant DNA Practice Problem
1) Transformation is inefficient. Only 10-4 of the bacteria take
2) Plasmids can be lost (bacteria have no mitotic apparatus to
Characteristics of Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
Streptococcus pyogenes, the bacterium that causes
3 Proteins
bacterium , one of the most simple biological organisms, has over a 1000
Basic Virus Structure
exclusively on bacteria. Many of these viruses have a common structure.
The DNA is injected into the bacteria through the baseplate.
Structure and Function of Organelles
biologists to theorize that mitochondria are the descendants of some bacteria
ribosomes; and those ribosomes are more similar to bacterial ribosomes
Southerns, Northerns, Westerns, & Cloning: Molecular Searching Techniques
results in a collection of bacterial colonies, each containing a
5) Break open (lyse) the bacteria on the filter under conditions that
bacteria on the master plate.
10) Pick up some of the bacteria from the appropriate colony, grow them
Polymerase Chain Reaction - Xeroxing DNA
whether from humans, bacteria, or viruses, cannot copy a chain of DNA
7.012 Cloning Project: Agricultural Biotechnology
utilization in these bacteria and the roles of the enzymes produced by
a) The simplest interpretation is that the bacteria are degrading the
degrading enzymes should then degrade the OA like the bacteria do and
encoding genes that produce proteins capable of helping the bacteria to
make the plasmid in quantity in bacteria once you've constructed it.
Lwoff's Pathways - Viral Replication
The lysogenic pathway was discovered in bacterial viruses
bacterial cultures that grew normally and otherwise seemed perfectly
seem to interfere with the host bacteria, such cultures had the
ability to cause the lysis or rupture of other bacteria. Thus, the
It was not clear why such cultures were lethal to other bacteria. The
of single bacterial cells of Bacillus megaterium, a really large
most of the bacterial host cells, the phage was in an inactive form.
3.5 Solving Enzyme Kinetics Problems
the breakdown of a component of the cell wall of certain bacteria, causing
{But why then do bacteria use an unstable molecule as a cell wall?
DNA Fingerprinting in Human Health and Society
bacteria, will cut DNA only when the sequence GAATTC occurs. The DNA