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Introduction to the 7.01 Hypertextbook

Introduction to the 7.01 Hypertextbook

Welcome to the 7.01 Hypertextbook! This hypertextbook is designed to supplement the course materials of 7.01 (MIT Introductory Biology) and give you additional tools to learn introductory molecular biology. If you are unfamiliar with hypertext or Mosaic or the WWW click here for a tutorial.

The 7.01 hypertextbook is organized in a very straightforward manner and contains a variety of components designed to be used independently or together to facilitate your understanding of introductory molecular biology.


The material used in this hypertextbook has come from three main sources:

*(1) ESG. The Experimental Study Group, an alternative Freshmen program at MIT--
Handouts and problems developed by ESG's biology tutors.

*(2) Brian White's 7.01 Handouts and Problems. Brian White was the MIT Instructor for 7.01 for several years.

*(3) Genentech's Access Excellence has provided the hypertextbook with a series of wonderful diagrams and sections.


The Biology Hypertextbook is organized by chapter. The chapters are in an appropriate order for the versions of 7.01 currently taught at MIT, all of which have the same core of molecular biology. They differ somewhat in teaching style and in the particular applications of core molecular biology to topics such as development, immunology, environmental science, cancer, etc.

Each chapter has a Directory page, which is the table of contents for that chapter. Each chapter has a number of topics and includes practice problems at the end. Note that you can always print out pages of the Hypertextbook for use away from your loving computer.

Searchable Index

There is a searchable index that allows you to type in a word or topic and the Hypertextbook gives you a list of places in the 7.01 Handbook that you can read about that topic. For example, say you are reading an article or a problem in a problem set and you come across the word "linkage" and you don't know what it means. You can type "linkage" into the searchable index text box, and it will give you a list of places where you can read up on various aspects of linkage.

Note that there is a separate searchable index for practice problems.

Practice Problems

A complete set of on-line practice problems is available. You can get to the section with the practice problems either through the Practice Problems link on the introductory page of the hypertext or by going to the individual chapter and finding the link to the problems there. If you are a student in E.S.G. at MIT, you will soon be able to submit your practice problem solutions to your tutor, allowing them to better help you understand the material.

If you are a mainstream 7.012, 7.013, or 7.014 student, please do not use the forms. Simply use pen and paper to do the practice problems, and then confer with your TA later if you have questions.

If you are an internet visitor, please do not use the practice problems forms.